Office to be…

Things have been progressing in the spare room …my office to be. The windows have been taken out and striped…(now that was not easy let me tell ya!!) Heat guns! scrapers! sanders! have ALL been used on these 70yr old windows that are lathered with multiple layers of paint and varnish. Its been hard work!! there is paint upon varnish, and once it all heats up it just makes a sticky goopy mess that just clogs up the sander…(not cool) I just have to keep reminding myself that it will all be worth it, I will have a beautiful oiled wooden window to look out of while I dream and create in my office/study/studio. I cant wait!~!!

I don’t have any photos of the progress as yet but until I do here is some pictures that have been my inspiration. (All are via Pinterest)…what did we do before the days of Pinterest?



I love that pin board above the work space. Gahh!! and that lamp…LOVE!! Read the post here.


I love the clean look floating shelves and the uncluttered desk. Link to site here.


The clip boards would be a great way to display to-do list and pretty inspiration pieces. I love the trestle legs for a desk. Source


Using a glass top desk would give the illusion of space, which is especially good if you have a office that shares another space, not too mention it looks super chic.

As you can see i love the clean fresh look of white with little pops of color. Its great if your like me and enjoy to mix things up and like to regularly update a space.

Find me on Pinterest and see all the yummy pins! Im addicted!

Till next time x



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