Hot tips for renters


With owning homes becoming more of a pipe dream for most here’s my top tips for making that rental house your home.



Talk with your landlord. Firstly ask your landlord what they would allow you to do. They may let you paint the walls, kitchen cabinets etc, they probably wont go as far as knocking down walls and doing structural work, but just test the water and see how far they will let you go. And be sure to work out costs, for example they pay for materials and you do the work.

wallpaper panels


Creative wall art. Large canvas’s can be an inexpensive way to inject some color and personality into a room. Paint them with a bold color or your own artwork. Alternatively you could cover it with fabric or get a piece of MDF (found at your local hardware store) and cover with wallpaper. This way it can be moved around rooms and you can take it with you when you leave.


Quality furniture. I recommend purchasing good quality furniture that you love and that will be with you for years to come. And when the time comes to moving into your own place you wont have the expense of getting a whole house lot of new furniture.

bed linin

Bed linen, cushions, and throws..oh my!!. This is a great quick and easy way to update a space and add pops or colour. I know that over my renting years there has been many bed covers and throw changes to suit trends ( and kid numbers) .

table top


Work your inner stylist. We all have little nick naks, photo frames, vases, coffee table books things we want to display, use those to make a corner of the room or top of the book shelve look creative and well put together ( I will do a post later explaining more on how to do this). This is great if you are just starting out and only have a few items.


Rugs and mats. Rugs are an obvious choice for covering up ugly carpet or worn flooring. Try an eclectic layering for total floor coverage.



Decals.  There are some really modern decals available now. They are great for kids rooms as you can change them as their interests change.


If you don’t love it. Don’t buy it. I must admit I’m guilty of this. I purchase something just because is a bargain or I’m in lust (or just a bit confused) get it home and a cant find a place for it or I realize It actually isn’t me. Its a much better feeling to be surrounded by things you love that make you happy than to have Meh clutter.

Here’s a great inspirational Pinterest board to give you some ideas. Really it doesn’t matter if you are renting or have brought your first or your tenth house, I have always said a house is what you make it.

I hope this has been helpful to someone and you are inspired to update or decorate your home.

Thanks for reading….bye!!



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