Wrap it|Brown paper edition

With mothers day coming up this weekend I thought I would share some lovely ways to wrap Mums gift using good old brown paper.

I think its a neutral way to really personalized a gift with added embellishments. You can find the brown paper at postage stores or wholesale packaging companies, its easy to find and reasonably inexpensive.

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Brown paper is always simple chic way to make a gift look like you took some time to wrap it. Add a heart (or other shape) this would be a great way to use up the scrap booking stash. Then with a bit of string to tie it all together, perfect! Source

*Hot tip* If you have an child who loves to paint, use their artworks and stencil out a design.


Gift Wraping Idea

Paper doilies look really cute with a bow or bakers twine. Source

envolver-regalos-de-forma-original-5.jpg 349×700 píxeles


*Hot tip* Vintage buttons and lace or ribbon would look super feminine and pretty.

Creative gift wrap


 I hope this has been an inspiration for you, I hope all the mummy’s have a well deserved sleep in and restful day. If you want to see how I wrap my gift follow me on Facebook and I will post the picture later in the week.

Thanks for reading bye x






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