Room makeover- Make your bedroom your haven.



We all need a place in our home that we can sit and unwind from our real life and reboot.  Bedrooms are not just for sleeping, here is my design tips to assist in transforming your bedroom into your stylish haven.

I know it can be easy to over look the bedroom when it comes to  decorating, its the place to hide the washing when visitors are on their way, am I right? Follow these easy  tips to getting your room back and finding your happy place in your new space.

bedroom interior design modern

The bed

The most important purchase you will make for your room will be your bed (and probably the most expensive), buy a good top quality mattress,because when you spend a whooping 35% of your life time in bed you want to be comfortable, trust me!

Then when it come to choosing a frame, think about your style what you are drawn to, what make your heart sing.

Do you prefer the clean modern minimalistic look?  Try a sleek modern design or a fabric covered bedhead, this is great for small spaces.

Or do like a soft feminine feel to a room? A country style headboard.


bedroom interior design-ivy-laneSource


There is nothing I love more than getting into a freshly made bed. Splurge on some high thread count sheets, if you get these out of season you can really grab a bargain. And when it come to purchasing your cover get something that fits your style, and don’t be afraid to layer and mix and match patterns and textures. There are so many different bed-cover designs out there you are bound to find the right one for you.

To maximize optimum sleep, leave the electronics out! That’s cellphones, T.V, Laptops, ipad, all those lovely gadgets.



When it come to lighting, think multiple sources. A subtle bedside light for the evenings and reading in bed. And an room light for those time you need a little bit more light, like for when you are hunting through your wardrobe for something to wear.

Installing a dimmer switch on the main swich can add a little romance to the space.


Try to keep the clutter OUT of the room also. Keep the ironing pile in the laundry and all other unnecessary things out of site, it will do great things for your sanity.  Baskets and storage boxes can be used for those things that just don’t look pretty being displayed.


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Wrap it|Brown paper edition

With mothers day coming up this weekend I thought I would share some lovely ways to wrap Mums gift using good old brown paper.

I think its a neutral way to really personalized a gift with added embellishments. You can find the brown paper at postage stores or wholesale packaging companies, its easy to find and reasonably inexpensive.

hearts and crafts #girly +++For guide + advice on #lifestyle, visit

Brown paper is always simple chic way to make a gift look like you took some time to wrap it. Add a heart (or other shape) this would be a great way to use up the scrap booking stash. Then with a bit of string to tie it all together, perfect! Source

*Hot tip* If you have an child who loves to paint, use their artworks and stencil out a design.


Gift Wraping Idea

Paper doilies look really cute with a bow or bakers twine. Source

envolver-regalos-de-forma-original-5.jpg 349×700 píxeles


*Hot tip* Vintage buttons and lace or ribbon would look super feminine and pretty.

Creative gift wrap


 I hope this has been an inspiration for you, I hope all the mummy’s have a well deserved sleep in and restful day. If you want to see how I wrap my gift follow me on Facebook and I will post the picture later in the week.

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Hot tips for renters


With owning homes becoming more of a pipe dream for most here’s my top tips for making that rental house your home.



Talk with your landlord. Firstly ask your landlord what they would allow you to do. They may let you paint the walls, kitchen cabinets etc, they probably wont go as far as knocking down walls and doing structural work, but just test the water and see how far they will let you go. And be sure to work out costs, for example they pay for materials and you do the work.

wallpaper panels


Creative wall art. Large canvas’s can be an inexpensive way to inject some color and personality into a room. Paint them with a bold color or your own artwork. Alternatively you could cover it with fabric or get a piece of MDF (found at your local hardware store) and cover with wallpaper. This way it can be moved around rooms and you can take it with you when you leave.


Quality furniture. I recommend purchasing good quality furniture that you love and that will be with you for years to come. And when the time comes to moving into your own place you wont have the expense of getting a whole house lot of new furniture.

bed linin

Bed linen, cushions, and throws..oh my!!. This is a great quick and easy way to update a space and add pops or colour. I know that over my renting years there has been many bed covers and throw changes to suit trends ( and kid numbers) .

table top


Work your inner stylist. We all have little nick naks, photo frames, vases, coffee table books things we want to display, use those to make a corner of the room or top of the book shelve look creative and well put together ( I will do a post later explaining more on how to do this). This is great if you are just starting out and only have a few items.


Rugs and mats. Rugs are an obvious choice for covering up ugly carpet or worn flooring. Try an eclectic layering for total floor coverage.



Decals.  There are some really modern decals available now. They are great for kids rooms as you can change them as their interests change.


If you don’t love it. Don’t buy it. I must admit I’m guilty of this. I purchase something just because is a bargain or I’m in lust (or just a bit confused) get it home and a cant find a place for it or I realize It actually isn’t me. Its a much better feeling to be surrounded by things you love that make you happy than to have Meh clutter.

Here’s a great inspirational Pinterest board to give you some ideas. Really it doesn’t matter if you are renting or have brought your first or your tenth house, I have always said a house is what you make it.

I hope this has been helpful to someone and you are inspired to update or decorate your home.

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Hello there.

We have had 7 long days of rainy stormy weather here and I must say I’m missing the sun a little. That may be why I have been looking at bright colors for our home. Now you cant tell me that when you see yellow it doesn’t make you instantly happy…!!

I have collected up a few of favorite finds to share with you. Tell me which is your favorite in the comments below.

Have a lovely week and I hope it is filled with sunshine and happiness!!




1, Sling shot from Paper Plane

2, Moroccan leather pouf LET LIV

3, Storage box The Warehouse

4, Small Orla Kiely melamine bowl Collected

5, Pantone bone china mug Collected

6, Quilted I-pad case Witchery

7, Z lamp Macy Home

Office to be…

Things have been progressing in the spare room …my office to be. The windows have been taken out and striped…(now that was not easy let me tell ya!!) Heat guns! scrapers! sanders! have ALL been used on these 70yr old windows that are lathered with multiple layers of paint and varnish. Its been hard work!! there is paint upon varnish, and once it all heats up it just makes a sticky goopy mess that just clogs up the sander…(not cool) I just have to keep reminding myself that it will all be worth it, I will have a beautiful oiled wooden window to look out of while I dream and create in my office/study/studio. I cant wait!~!!

I don’t have any photos of the progress as yet but until I do here is some pictures that have been my inspiration. (All are via Pinterest)…what did we do before the days of Pinterest?



I love that pin board above the work space. Gahh!! and that lamp…LOVE!! Read the post here.


I love the clean look floating shelves and the uncluttered desk. Link to site here.


The clip boards would be a great way to display to-do list and pretty inspiration pieces. I love the trestle legs for a desk. Source


Using a glass top desk would give the illusion of space, which is especially good if you have a office that shares another space, not too mention it looks super chic.

As you can see i love the clean fresh look of white with little pops of color. Its great if your like me and enjoy to mix things up and like to regularly update a space.

Find me on Pinterest and see all the yummy pins! Im addicted!

Till next time x