Room makeover- Make your bedroom your haven.



We all need a place in our home that we can sit and unwind from our real life and reboot.  Bedrooms are not just for sleeping, here is my design tips to assist in transforming your bedroom into your stylish haven.

I know it can be easy to over look the bedroom when it comes to  decorating, its the place to hide the washing when visitors are on their way, am I right? Follow these easy  tips to getting your room back and finding your happy place in your new space.

bedroom interior design modern

The bed

The most important purchase you will make for your room will be your bed (and probably the most expensive), buy a good top quality mattress,because when you spend a whooping 35% of your life time in bed you want to be comfortable, trust me!

Then when it come to choosing a frame, think about your style what you are drawn to, what make your heart sing.

Do you prefer the clean modern minimalistic look?  Try a sleek modern design or a fabric covered bedhead, this is great for small spaces.

Or do like a soft feminine feel to a room? A country style headboard.


bedroom interior design-ivy-laneSource


There is nothing I love more than getting into a freshly made bed. Splurge on some high thread count sheets, if you get these out of season you can really grab a bargain. And when it come to purchasing your cover get something that fits your style, and don’t be afraid to layer and mix and match patterns and textures. There are so many different bed-cover designs out there you are bound to find the right one for you.

To maximize optimum sleep, leave the electronics out! That’s cellphones, T.V, Laptops, ipad, all those lovely gadgets.



When it come to lighting, think multiple sources. A subtle bedside light for the evenings and reading in bed. And an room light for those time you need a little bit more light, like for when you are hunting through your wardrobe for something to wear.

Installing a dimmer switch on the main swich can add a little romance to the space.


Try to keep the clutter OUT of the room also. Keep the ironing pile in the laundry and all other unnecessary things out of site, it will do great things for your sanity.  Baskets and storage boxes can be used for those things that just don’t look pretty being displayed.


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